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My First Blog here …

Posted: June 6, 2010 in Personal

After leaving from Sun, now here you can find me blogging about technology and myself. I have imported some of my old blog posts here. But you can still access my old blog posts at (Hope Oracle will keep it live…) and my liferay’s blogs at


WebSynergy & Portal Pack at Devoxx’08

Posted: December 28, 2008 in Personal

I attended this year’s Devoxx conference which was held between 8th – 12th Dec at Antwerp, Belgium. This was my first trip to Devoxx conference and also to Belgium. I got an opportunity to talk about WebSynergy and Portal Pack in a 30 min session. It was mostly driven by the demos around WebSynergy and Portal Pack. I covered different kind of Portlet Developments using NetBeans and Portal Pack plug-ins.

Devoxx was definitely a success. It’s one of the biggest Java Community Conference in Europe.

There were some very good talks on JavaFX, JRuby, Flex, JBoss Seam. The videos of all those sessions of Devoxx’08 will be available at sometime during Jan’ 09.


(at Devoxx)