Tutorial: JSR 286 portlet Eventing using Eventing Story Board

Posted: May 14, 2008 in NetBeans

The recently released Portal Pack 2.0 has a new feature called Eventing StoryBoard.The Eventing StoryBoard feature in Portal Pack 2.0 simplifies the task of creating portlet application that uses JSR-286 eventing. It provides a simple drag drop feature to link the portlets involved in eventing. Automatic code generation functionality in the storyboard adds the necessary interfaces, methods and xml elements needed during eventing.

Here’s a tutorial  contributed by Sriram K,  which explains about JSR 286 eventing using Eventing StoryBoard


There is also a screencast available for the same. Thanks to Hemadri, Anjana, Sriram for their help for this screencast


  1. Ahmed Hashim says:

    I tried the EventingStoryBoard on Netbeans 6.5 and I can’t generate the publish/process event code. the context menu action does nothing.

  2. satya says:

    Eventing story board’s code generation option works for JSR 286 portlets. Are you trying this JSF portlet ? It doesn’t work with JSF portlet.

  3. Ahmed Hashim says:

    Hi Satya,
    Thanks for your quick response. Yes, I am trying a JSF Portlet. Mmm, bad news. I will write the code myself and hope to get it work.

  4. Mohammed Ali says:

    Hi Ahmed,
    Did you manage to implement IPC with the JSF Portlet?

  5. Ahmed Hashim says:

    Hi Mohammed,
    Unfortunately No šŸ™‚

  6. Mohammed Ali says:

    Thanks Hisham for quick response. Did you made a work a round for that? I am trying ajax.

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